Kit Mercer & Van Wylde in That Hits The Spot, Scene #01

Kit Mercer has used an app on her cellphone to order a delivery of takeout food, but seems to have something naughty in mind. When the app tells her that the delivery has nearly arrived, she mischievously leaves her front door open a crack. She then sits on the couch and spreads her legs, revealing that she’s not wearing any panties under her sexy robe. Next, Kit starts masturbating, so that she’ll be ‘caught’ in the act. Sure enough, when the delivery guy, Van Wylde, arrives and knocks, the door swings open and reveals Kit pleasuring herself! She pretends to be embarrassed, then uses excuses to lure him further into her home so she can get what she’s REALLY hungry for. She gives him a show by stroking her pussy some more, then playfully tugs him over to her bed. He licks her pussy, and then she sucks on his cock before letting him pound his cock into her. Looks like they’re BOTH getting a pleasurable feast!

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