Gianna Dior in Cum Gluttons: Sucking Up To The In-Laws, Scene #01

Bridgette B and Rob Piper visit Gianna Dior, who is soon to be married into their family. They’re a little surprised to have been invited to visit with her alone, though once they get settled in, Gianna is quick to come clean. Gianna has gone a bit overboard with spending for the wedding and has been cut off by her own family. She’s too embarrassed to admit to her husband-to-be that the funds have dried up, which is why she’s come to Bridgette and Rob, her future in-laws, for help. Bridgette and Rob are surprised but sympathetic, agreeing to help cover the wedding. But Bridgette is quick to add that they want to see what they’re paying for first, so why doesn’t Gianna go fetch the wedding dress for them to look at? Gianna is thankful for their help and eager to please, so she hurries off to retrieve the dress. While she’s gone, Rob gives Bridgette a questioning look, though Bridgette is sly. It’s clear that she has something fun in mind for them both. It doesn’t take much for Rob to be on board, too, since this is such a unique opportunity. When Gianna returns and shows off the pristine white dress, the in-laws are impressed but want more. They encourage Gianna to change into the dress right then and there, stating that Gianna doesn’t have to be shy since they’re all family. Although Gianna’s taken aback, she still easily agrees as she begins undressing slowly in front of them. Bridgette and Rob’s hungry eyes roam over her bare skin and the temperature in the room rises. The in-laws get Gianna to put on even more of a show for her, eyeing her up like a piece of meat. The sexual tension between the trio continues to rise until Bridgette finally insists that the dress would look a lot nicer OFF Gianna, if she gets her drift. Gianna is surprised but flustered under her in-laws lustful, encouraging looks. Caught up in the heat of the moment, and not wanting to lose her new wedding funds, she gives in. They start off by having the beautiful bride-to-be kneel down in front of Rob to suck his cock. Of course, Bridgette still wants in on it, fawning all over her in the meantime. Bridgette doesn’t need to worry, though, because it’s not long before Gianna’s being shared between them. There’s no shame in this family because even when the husband-to-be happens to call them, Gianna continues sucking Rob’s cock and eating out Bridgette’s pussy. But once the phone call’s done, the real fun begins as both Gianna and Bridgette take turns on Rob’s hard cock. As they get closer and closer to the end, it’s a race to see which lucky lady will get all that glorious cum. But they don’t need to worry, because there’s plenty to go around, especially once Bridgette and Gianna spread the love by cum-swapping. It’s clear that sharing is caring and not a single drop goes to waste. With how satisfied Rob and Bridgette are with Gianna’s eagerness, it looks like Gianna has earned the wedding of her dreams.

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